SG LAB FORUM is delighted to invite you to participate at International online Analytical Science Conference (ASC-2022) which will be held online from July 4-8, 2022.

This symposium aims to bring together the analytical scientists, working in academy and industry to discuss about ‘Recent advances and developments in analytical techniques. It will provide unique platform to get an update on latest technology and solutions and address challenges ahead for analytical scientists.

You are invited to join this symposium and learn from experts working on various analytical techniques and get engaged in fruitful scientific deliberation.

Sponsorship Opportunities

ASC-2020 organizers invite technology providers to showcase your latest cutting-edge technologies and grow your branding and visibility. This conference aims to bring researchers and experts from the academia and industry together to share their latest research findings & solutions to create opportunities for exchange knowledge and networking.

Organizers would like to thank for sponsors Frontier Lab, Jeol, Thermo Fisher Scientific, Markes International, Bharkavi Scientific events and Marketing, Joint Analytical Services, Singapore who have agreed to support our symposium.