GCMS Training

1 Day online Training - Enrich your knowledge on GCMS and Its Applications

SG LAB FORUM is happy to invite you and your staff for 1 Day online training GCMS and Its Applications.
This training will provide insights into working principles of GC/MS, Thermal Desorption-GCMS and Pyrolysis-GCMS. It is useful training for chemists who are working in GCMS in the field of  Food/Environmental/Materials Testing.
The first announcement of the training is attached here. Please feel free to encourage your lab staff to sign up for this training. 
Learning is part of our career progression. Regular participation in technical training will help refreshing the fundamentals of different analytical techniques that are used in day to day work.
The training is planned on Dec 8th 2021 from 11 AM. To reserve your seat, kindly register online. Separate registration is required for all participants.
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