Our First Ever SG Virtual LAB EXPO

SG LAB FORUM is delighted to invite you to join our first ever SG Virtual  LAB EXPO which will be held online from Dec 8-10, 2021.

We aim to invite 50 plus exhibitors to take part in this Virtual Exhibition. Visitors will have opportunity to interact with each exhibitor separately or in a group of 6. It will be a live interaction for message exchange or video conversation.

There will be Technical Presentation by the experts on Food Testing, Environmental Testing and Materials Testing Applications and instrumentations. 

There will be dedicated session for product presentation of laboratory analytical instruments and other lab equipment.

It is exclusively organized for Singapore customers. However, it is open to South Asia Visitors since it is a Virtual Event.

For more details, please visit our event listing in 10 Times. Visitors Admission is free at the SG VIRTUAL LAB EXPO

Lab Instruments and Analytical Instruments Manufacturers are invited to showcase your product portfolio at SG VIRTUAL LAB EXPO. The event is also inviting all distributors and agencies of Lab instruments, lab consumables and lab chemicals to grow your business through networking expansion. The cost of one Virtual Booth is SGD 500. Exhibitors can upload one corporate or company Intro video and any number of brochures/technical notes.

During the Expo, Exhibitor will have opportunity to engage the visitors through Virtual video meeting and message exchange. 


Technical Presentation

There will be Technical Presentations by the experts on Food Testing, Environmental Testing and Material Testing recent Applications and Developments. There is also a dedicated sessions for product presentation of Lab Analytical Instrumnets and other laboratory equipment supplies

For more details about Exhibition or Lab Expo, please write to info@sglabconference.com

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